28g Nano Cube Pro

28g Nano Tank
  • 28g Nano Tank
  • Dual Pump
  • Canopy Light
  • WaveMaker

Delivering Tomorrow’s Technology Today

Our high intensity LED illumination system delivers the power of metal halides and the broad coverage of T5 lighting with over 10x the lifespan.
It requires less energy consumption, is cool running and offers beautiful shimmering while being eco-friendly.

  • Illumination System - 24 Hour Light Cycle
  • Long Lasting Lamps
  • Crystal Clear Curved Glass
  • Integrated 3 Stage Filtration
  • Removal Filter Media Basket
  • Submersible Pumps
  • Dual Return Pumps + Wavemaker

All Nano-Cube Aquariums offer panoramic viewing.

Information & Guides
  Use and Care Manual
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Illumination System

Our 89 watt LED system provides comparable PAR output to our 150 watt HQI—14K canopy system, while consuming approximately 40% less energy. Enjoy the mesmerizing shimmering of all 3 light cycles generally only found in nature.
Since LEDs turn on to full brightness without having to warm up, you can instantly light up your aquariums without the wait. These revolutionary diodes radiate heat upwards and away from the water to reduce unwanted heat transfer that can be detrimental for aquarium livestock.

24 Hour Light Cycle

This is a standard flipped top canopy, which contains the integrated lighting system and fits flush covering the entire top of the aquarium. Our canopy offers around the clock illumination all powered by individual power cords for the daylight, dawn/dusk, and moon cycles.

Daylight: 25 x 3 Watt—14K
Dawn/Dusk: 4 x 3 Watt—Actinic / 466 nm
Moon: 2 x 1 Watt—Nite-Vu / 456nm

Long Lasting Lamps

Impressive 50,000 hour lifespan with a 30% reduction in output.

Illumination System

All Nano-Cube Aquariums offer panoramic viewing with smooth rounded corners for maximum viewing and enjoyment.

Integrated 3 Stage Filtration

Our comprehensive 3 Stage Filtration system keep aquariums sparkling clean and is discreetly hidden behind a false wall to provide an uncluttered and professional look and feel.
All media is conveniently placed inside our transparent Removal Filter Media Basket for quick and easy filter changes. The filter media basket also incorporates a handle and a sliding door for added convenience.
It can also be converted into an “In tank Refugium” to grow Chaetomorpha.

Mechanical Filtration

Filter Sponge traps free floating particulate matter and debris.

Chemical Filtration

Activated Carbon bag removes dissolved organics and odor.

Biological Filtration

Ceramic Ring bag provides internal/external surface area for housing beneficial bacteria to oxidize harmful ammonia and nitrite that accumulate in the aquarium from fish wastes, over-feeding, and normal biological processes.

Ceramic Ring bag can be removed if using this Nano-Cube as a mini-reef aquarium. Maintaining an average of 1lb per gallon of live rock will create a live biological filtration system as well as denitrification system ultimately creating a balanced biotope.

Dual Return Pumps

Once the water is filtered and heated, the water is redirected back into the aquarium via (2) directional flow nozzles and wavemaker.
The dual return pumps along with the wavemaker recreate the natural turbulent currents normally associated with reef environments.


The Ocean Pulse Wavemaker can be adjusted from 10 Seconds to 6 minute intervals. This alternating cycle will keep detritus from accumulating, provides oxygen, removes waste from coral polyps and provides the optimal environment for corals to flourish.

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