24g Nano Cube Deluxe



24g Nano DX 1

UL Listed – Meets the Most Stringent U.S. Safety Requirements

Our long-awaited 24g Nano Cube Deluxe is here! The new 24 gallon gives you a lot more room inside with a DIM of 18"x19.6"x19.7" footprint. This larger Cube is for the serious hobbyist that desires the same compact integrated features as our 12g but with a lot more room for corals, fish, and inverts. The new 24g Dx is offered with the same reliable remote electronic (Fulham) ballast with disconnect cable. It is installed with (2) 36 watt 50/50 CF lamps and comes standard with (2) 60x60mm cooling fans built into the hood. All 24 gallon Nano Cubes are offered with our traditional Cabinet Stand with a storage shelf and heavy duty hinged doors or our new contemporary S-Stand for a modern look.


24 Gallon Glass Cube

Panoramic viewing with smooth rounded corners. Completely seamless and allows viewing from all 3 sides of the cube. This larger version is a definite plus for aquascaping and planting.

Integrated 3 Stage Filtration

New filtration compartment allows for better surface skimming and more room in the rear for larger pumps for DIY customers. The filtration compartment is hidden in the rear and provides maximum space for tank inhabitants. All models now include an output return nozzle for directional flow control.

  • Mechanical - Sponge filter traps detritus and free floating particulate matter.
  • Chemical - Activated Carbon bag removes dissolved organics and odor
  • Biological - Ceramic Rings & Bioballs provide the ideal environment for beneficial bacteria for FISH ONLY tanks.
  • Submersible Pump - Includes a 290 GPH pump for water circulation.

JBJ Compact Fluorescent Bulb Lighting

ncludes (2) 36 watt CF lamps giving your tank inhabitants 72 watts of high intensity JBJ compact fluorescent illumination. Installed with the very best Fulham remote electronic ballast for reliable performance and safety. All ballasts are remote with a disconnect cable and prewired to UL Approved German Socket lamp sockets for easy bulb install and removals. Installed with splash guard lens for lamp protection.

Fan-Cooled “Flip Top” Canopy

Our new redesigned canopy offer (2) built-in 60x60mm cooling fans that draw out the heat generated by the lamps before they have time to warm up your water temperature. Our unique canopy draws air in through the sides and pushes the warm air through our new ventilated reflector and up through the fans for a cool running cube. Our new canopy allows you to adjust the positioning of the canopy with our integrated canopy stands that hold up your canopy for routine maintenance. The front of the canopy offers a feeding door that also flips back for quick access.

CE Approved

Manufactured with the highest quality components for trouble free performance.

24g Nano DX 2


L 18" x W 19.6" x H 19.7"
Capacity: 24 gallons
Power: 72 total watts
Flow: 290 GPH
Lift: 1.3 M
Voltage: 110V

24g Nano DX 3

Nano Surface Skimmer