Please input your data into the appropriate fields below to find a chiller size right for you:

1. Tank Water Volume (in gallons)

2. Sump Water Volume (in gallons)

3. Actual current water temperature of your tank (in degrees Fahrenheit)

4. Desired temperature of your tank (in degrees Fahrenheit)

5. Heat given off by Lighting (in watts)
Check if your lighting system / canopy fan is cooled for excess heat removal
(checking the box will divide your number in half)

6. Heat given off by Return Pump(s) (in watts)

7. Heat given off by Powerhead(s) (in watts)

Your Chiller Size is: 0.00
Your Recommended Model is: None Defined Yet


Given 1 HP (Horsepower) = 12,000 BTU/HR
.10 = 1/10 HP (Model DBA-075)
.20 = 1/5 HP (Model DBA-150)
.25 = 1/4 HP (Model DBE-200)
.33 = 1/3HP (Model DBM-250)
.50 = 1/2 HP (Model DA-500)


Additional help for sizing chillers can be obtained by calling (310) 672-4099.


Please keep in mind the factors below for optimum chiller performance:
- Ambient temperatures exceeding 95 degrees Fahrenheit
- Excessive heat load from equipment
- Placing chiller in a well-ventilated area
- Keeping Condenser Grill clean
- Providing minium flow requirements